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I feel pretty good about that. You should really check them out, then share them around with the rest of the world. Your friends on social media will thank you for it. Or you can do what I do, and obsessively click the refresh button on the Worldbuilders Pagewatching the donation totals slowly rise. Scientific studies have shown that that makes our sell up and sail taking the ulysses option trading totals go up too. Badali Jewelry sell up and sail taking the ulysses option trading been with Worldbuilders for a long time.

They were my very first company to ever approach me for a licencing agreement based on my books. They have a lot of great stuff, including a bunch of officially licensed jewelry from some of the biggest fantasy series around, like the Dresden FilesIron DruidWheel of TimeLord of the Ringsand much more. Just like the real Arkenstone, the colors change based on the light, and it comes in a swank little wooden chest with a black velvet pillow.

They really go the extra mile to make their items collectible and true to the story. If you want to get your hands on the Arkenstone with all the money coming to Worldbuilders, grab it right here.

This intricate battle axe features the Khuzdul battle cry: The Dwarves are upon you! Hardcore Wheel of Time geeks will appreciate this pin. The design was approved by Robert Jordan. If you want this pin to show off your geek cred, head over here and bid on it. The Wheel symbolizes the ever turning and reoccurring nature of time. All things that happen have happened before and will happen again.

The Great Serpent is also a symbol for time and eternity. Bid on it here. ElfQuest has been running for ages sinceand is the reason a lot of the authors you read these days got into fantasy.

Nicole, Brett, and Amanda have all devoured them. Bid on it over here. For those of you who want to play more of the stealth-geek card, this is a great option. If you want to bid on it, head over here. I love the Dresden Files with a fierce love.

And Bob is definitely a factor in that love. Bid over here for the chance anyway. And honestly, I thought that was sell up and sail taking the ulysses option trading pretty reasonable reaction. That said, owning it will probably raise your geeky herd rank.

This one in particular is the symbol for Love, and was exchanged at a wedding in the novel. The syntax-free glyphs from Stormlight Archive were begging to be made into jewelry, and Badali was all too happy to comply.

There are many glyphs available, but this one in particular is for Jeseh. If you want this kind of protection, you can bid on it over here. The idea behind the Shardblades is seriously cool. This pendant of awesome can be yours if you bid on it over here.

The vials can be swapped out at your whim. If you want it, bid early and often over here. That changed pretty fast, of course. Authors started to jump in with offers of help almost immediately. Now, six years later, Worldbuilders has grown to be bigger than just me, but I still like to do my part.

A few of the rarer things are going up as auctionstoo. Back in the day, I remember selling one of these to a guy online for 60 bucks. These days I have handful of them squirreled away. I hope they might help put my kids through school. But we still wanted to be able to show it to a select group of people. So we printed a very, very few Advance Reader Copies. They were numbered before we gave them out, so if one showed up on e-bay before the book went on sale, we knew who we should sue into the ground.

A couple years ago someone sent me a link to an e-bay auction of one of these. That means this is the only copy of this book currently for sale anywhere. This is a rarity. If you win the auction, I will sign it however you like. Head over here to bid. This is a collection of humor columns I wrote for the college paper back when I was a student. This edition is annotated, and illustrated by my longtime friend Brett Hiorns, who now works with us at Worldbuilders. This book was put together by a small press in Back before anyone cared who Patrick Rothfuss was.

One you can win by donating to Heifer on the Worldbuilders team page. The other will go to the highest bidder on ebay. The Princess and Mr. Whiffle Coloring Book is only a couple months old. A complete set of the books, all hardcovers, all sell up and sail taking the ulysses option trading.

If you already own copies… well…. The gold and silver rings are plated, so we could keep production costs down But the iron ring is actually made of real iron. Do you know how hard it is to get iron Jewelry made?

Nobody does it, but Badali found a way. If nothing else, we have some of her signed prints in our store. You can grab one over here. Boss Monster is the game where you get to play the Boss in an old 8-bit video game. You make your dungeon difficult to get through and harvest the souls of the unsuspecting heroes you lure in with your treasure. Turns out the folks at Brotherwise are fans of my stuff. So we worked together to create special promo cards based off my characters. This was the first character likeness thing we did with one of my characters.

We never even got to put them in the store. But one lovely shining fan donated his card back to the fundraiser, asking us to make good use of it in the fundraiser.

When I was signing books for the IndieGoGo, I stumbled onto a couple copies that had a weird printing error. I thought they looked pretty cool, so I grabbed them for myself. Here are the details:. This is a 10 karat gold ring redeemable for one 1 favor from Patrick Rothfuss.

Asking Pat to read and critique your unpublished manuscript or your published one, if you really want. Asking Pat to help you move a particularly heavy couch.

Asking Pat to follow you on twitter and post kitten pictures to you. This favor has no expiration date. It can be traded, transferred, sold, or lost. You give the ring back when you cash in your favor. The nature of this favor is fairly open-ended, though some negotiation may be necessary depending on the nature of the favor. Certain ethical or legal restrictions may sell up and sail taking the ulysses option trading though not as many as you might expect.

Under no circumstances will Patrick dance for you. If you won this favor in the auction, and for any reason Pat cannot fulfill his obligation to you, he will personally refund your winning bid in exchange for the ring. If you want in on it, go over here sell up and sail taking the ulysses option trading bid. So many books, Rachel had to stand on a ladder to get sell up and sail taking the ulysses option trading picture of them all.

A few years ago, someone asked me what they should read while they were waiting for my next book. Books that everyone should read if they wanted to consider themselves well-versed in fantasy. My list contained 40 entries. But the clever among you will note that this is a lot more than 40 books. This is because some of the entries were for entire series.

When we had the option, I tried to buy nice versions of the books. A beautiful special edition of Dune. So there you are.

M2 April Full Issue. M2 April Full IssueMandate. A corrugated beating heart surrounded by native bush with the warbling sing-song of tui and kereru as the soundtrack. Do you exhibit the following symptoms: If you answered yes to one or more of the above, then perhaps you have a sell up and sail taking the ulysses option trading addiction. Without being facetious, the smartphone has undoubtedly revolutionised and streamlined our day-to-day processes.

Internet banking, booking movie AuthorsM2 April Full Issue. But dig deeper into his CV, and There is an important relationship between the fields of form and function. Ideally, the shape of an object should follow its intended function and purpose.

When it comes […]. When sell up and sail taking the ulysses option trading comes to street wear, the best looks draw influence from a variety of styles but know how to balance it all in aesthetic harmony.

Taking style design inspiration from a Danish brand […]. The great thing about the change of seasons from Summer to Autumn is the number of options that the colder months provide. While Kiwi drivers have had success across a variety of motorsport competitions and rulesets, there is I remember being absolutely manhandled. Using pressure and techniques completely foreign to me, I was dissected in He has a can-do attitude, that lovable personality and the type of ability any sportsman would love to encompass.

He is a medal-winning gymnast, fitness coach, and with some big competitions coming up, It would also have been impossible for CatalystM2 March Full Issue. With the rise and dependency on digital technologies and an increasing influx of millennials in the workforce, workplaces are under increasing pressure to address worker expectations, Our placement on the great timeline of existence has sell up and sail taking the ulysses option trading nestled in a rather peculiar spot.

The cosmos, however, is the great frontier we have yet to conquer. Humanity has always looked to the stars, gazing into the speckled abyss CatalystDesignTech. Did you feel that? Building a house is not just a LeadershipM2 April Full Issue. Over the last 30 years Rob Campbell is on the board of some of our largest companies across our largest industries. In a world of exponential innovation, disruptive technologies and giddy cryptocurrency speculation a discussion about another KiwiSaver fund might seem a little vanilla.

But after a few minutes with Simplicity founder, Sam Stubbs even the most finically unfocused sell up and sail taking the ulysses option trading be hard pressed not to find excitement in compounded interest from saved fees, the growth of Unwavering, relentless persistence, those are the words I would use to describe Richard Branson.

How many international entrepreneurs would be working deals and businesses in massive markets like the UK, the USA, Europe, M2 April Full IssueTech. The Super Slow-mo sell up and sail taking the ulysses option trading makes everyday moments epic.

Video is captured at a rate of frames per second and can be started manually or through Sometimes stunning things happen when the best of both worlds combine. The HP AMP combines the functionality of printer and speaker into a streamlined hybrid that delivers. You can easily print photos directly from your camera roll, M2 March Full IssueMandate.

Water is wet, the sun is hot and supercars are cool. Not only that, repairs are a cumbersome process. Lamborghini has been collaborating Starts with coffee, preferably roasted by Espresso Workshop, it always has!

What are the top three things on your bucket list? The alarm is set for 5. I roll into the sell up and sail taking the ulysses option trading and do a full workout until 6.

To find a bucket… Wake up and hit the shower before my partner can. Jump out, whip on some clothes and make some breakfast and then off to work. Buy a house in Auckland sell up and sail taking the ulysses option trading Typically it starts with a shock when the alarm goes off at 6am, then me jumping into my exercise kit and hitting F45 training for a workout.

This is followed up with a coffee to A corrugated beating heart surrounded by native bush with the warbling sing-song of Tui and Kereru as the soundtrack. We do have Elon Musk, however. Whether he has his sights set to the stars with SpaceX, disrupting the automotive world with Tesla or providing powerwalls to a broken Puerto Rico, Musk is doing this whole billionaire philanthropist thing quite M2 April Full IssueReport. Duh, it has to — as the last guys obviously got every single thing wrong!

M2 March Full IssueReport. Expressionist American photographer, Aaron Siskind once said: Capturing the most magical parts of For a global event that is heavily dominated by northern hemisphere athletes, New Zealand participants more than hold their own James, Fifty Shades of Grey. Never in my wildest dreams would Time Lord or Prince Charming? Take your pick, but rising star Matt Smith can lay claim to both. The rising style icon, ex-Doctor Who, and now Prince Philip, in Netflix blockbuster The Crown, is beginning to carve out his own kingdom — one role at a time.

The divine right of kings is a religious If content is king, original content is the Holy Grail. How important is creating original content? Well take a look at the world of video streaming. There is now an arms race between the likes of Apple, Netflix and Amazon to Your life and your world is a consequence of what you think. Different customers require different strategies — and some require more investment than others. So many of sell up and sail taking the ulysses option trading people are passionate, committed and incredibly driven, which is what I attribute Austrian photographer Gregor Sailer is a changer of landscapes, and a tricker of minds.

Photographs in his latest series, The Potemkin Village, strike a sense of confusion… but not everything is as it may seem. While growing up in Tyrol, Austria, Gregor Sailer started taking snaps at a young age and has not stopped Think about the magic and excitement of driving up to a local parking lot, ready to watch the latest feature film in the comfort of your own car. The light from the projector beams a dancing stream of images onto the giant screen ahead, while kids laugh and play beneath the screen.

From growing up in a small town in North Canterbury, to hosting his very own series, picked up by a global documentary giant — National Geographic — Ellis Emmett truly is an inspiration to get out there and get stuck into something you love and turn your ideas and dreams into a reality.

M2 April Full IssueSport. The One To Watch: Going from Palmerston North to the Principality of Monaco is a rather large jump but for the 28 year old M2 March Full IssueSport.

ExperienceM2 April Full Issue. Opened last year by owners Oliver Ripley, Kfir Levy and Edwardo Costillo, this paradise-hotel has since enjoyed much hype, attracting famous celebrities, musicians and party-goers. Sell up and sail taking the ulysses option trading on its own private beach and just approximately Sailing around the world would seem like an ideal holiday for many.

Imagine anchoring somewhere in the Mediterranean, jumping into the glowing blue sea to cool off, and then retreating back onto the yacht to soak in the creature comforts. The Volvo Ocean Race, however, is many, many nautical miles away from that experience. A beautiful image of a polar bear leaping across a stream of crystal-clear blue water. A gathering of squalling seagulls above a passing boat.

A birds-eye view of a basketball game. Sometimes, a photo is more than just a photo. M2 April Full IssueWheels. Held sincethe Geneva International Motor Show showcases exotic supercars, prototypes, the latest in technical innovation, and the best of the best in the automotive world.