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When I left University I applied for as much work experience as possible and this really helped me build up my CV. I had a part-time waitress job to get me through, so be prepared to work doing something completely different whilst you get the experience you need elsewhere.

I had a journalism degree, so I applied to every newsroom and offered to do absolutely anything and work every shift no one wanted to! In time, my experience and contacts built up, so I applied for about 50 junior positions from researchers to runners, and I finally landed my first job in London! Those first six months were key, and I would advise you to put your social plans on hold and just to work as hard as you can and meet as many contacts as you can because it really pays off.

Finally, do something you enjoy. I hit a real low when I left University because so many of my job applications were rejected. I found that when I went to companies and roles within them that really suited me, I was so much more productive and also so much happier. Love this post so much, so helpful…. So thank you for the good advice! Hi Becky, What a great positive kick ass and genuine down to earth and inspirational at the same time post. I also noticed your amazing benefit make up giveaway and hope to be in of a chance of the lucky person.

Good job lovely lady Much love Charlrne x. Well written and insightful! I think your videos are fab. I totally agree that gaining experience and contacts is really worth it. It can make a real difference in the long term! Becky xx -came from insta but this post was so relatable just started my first job having graduated in July! I found your channel through watching Fleur and now I follow you and your sister.

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