24 option signal

We were recently approached by 24option to review and discuss their new trading signals program. Our first question was, How can a broker provide a good signal service?

Sounds like they would be working so you take the wrong side of the signal. However, they decided to bring in a 3rd party for the signals and let the trader make their own decisions when it comes to entries.

They figured if the customer experience is better, then the trader will most likely stick around a lot longer. We logged in and we were pleasantly surprised by the setup.

See the Trading Alerts at 24options Right Here. This area is embedded into the main 24option platform. There is a tab located next to trade history called Trading alerts. Once you supply your username and password, this tab becomes activated. It appears that every hour it gives out about 20 signals on all the major currency pairs, stocks, indices, and commodities. There are plenty of choices when it comes to signal selection. What we liked about this service was the timeliness of the signals.

You know when the signals are coming out. At the time they arrive, market conditions will dictate the strength of the alert. The reliability meter will tell you which alerts appear to be the best. With so many different signals and assets, you can sit out and be patient.

We tested our first signals and were quite happy with the results. Once the signals were produced we made our selections. The images below will break it down a lot easier. As you can see in the image above, they not only have all the different assets, but a reliability meter letting you know the confidence level of the signal. This usually means the asset is moving with more fluidity. These are pretty much the only alerts that we traded.

The result was a win. This is also stated in the trading history image below. You can see all of our signal trading results we took today. Five out of six is really good. It makes us want to trade these a bit more. This signal system is here to help you decipher which assets will most likely move in the right direction.

In fact, we recommend you watch several of the assets over the course of the day and try to find a pattern. Try to determine which assets move the most and see if you can get good fills throughout the trading day. You can test a lot of this on paper or on a demo account. The more you practice and test the better you will be. If you have any questions about these trading signals, please use our contact form. We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.

The time is now for 24option trading signalsso get on board quick. Will these signals always be right? Try These Solid Tips.

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